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CC HAVEN INC. has been a dream come true for me. I had created this vision in my head several years ago way before my 3 beautiful daughters were born and me and my handsome husband were married.   I am so thrilled to have finally been able to turn that dream into a reality. 

I have had several years of experience in the corporate field being a buyer for the top 2 Canadian retailers at the time for both The bay (Hudsons Bay Company) and Zellers.  I am a believer that when one door closes several others are waiting to be opened, and as fate would have it when Zellers came to a close, CC HAVEN INC. was finally open.

Throughout my career I have had several opportunities to work with high profile brands and be a part of great product launches to the Canadian Marketplace.  Creating and bringing beautiful things together has always been a passion for me.  Flipping homes, creating floral designs, pulling a colour pallet, finding that one piece that just completes a look, that is what I love to do.

Thank you for visiting hope to see you soon!!

Claudia Di Poce is an Interior decorator and previously a home category buyer with HBC and a skillful floral designer. 

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